NoRat Industrial features two or more high-efficiency capsules and a circuit that generates a variable, discontinuous modulated ultrasound frequency, plus an additional frequency within this band (Flag) with constantly changing random emission times so that there is no possibility of the rodents acquiring immunity. In these conditions the mouse/rat has no option but to vacate the places it has colonised. The NoRat Industrial is the only ultrasound electronic device with efficacy proven by the tests performed and the countless applications already made by public and private organisations that use it.

It has been tested in compliance with the I.R.P.A. and A.N.S.I. standards and is proving very successful at the Italian level.

Our customers include top organisations such as the railway company RFI S.p.A., subsidiary of the FS Group, Enel power stations, ERG Petroli and Punto Blu Gruppo Autostrade S.p.A. to name just a few, as well as major industrial and chemical plants.

In view of all this we can safely claim, with well-earned satisfaction, to be the only company that has solved the problem of these pests definitively and with a single cycle.


What's new?

The new feature is that we have identified the frequency that deters rats/mice and screened it with another frequency within it (Flag), hitting the specific part of the brain (receptor window) involved to prevent it from activating the brain’s filter mechanism and developing immunity.

For years now, a large number of pseudo-specialised firms have been offering the market ultrasound rodent deterrents that have not solved the problem, because after a moment’s confusion the animal not only became used to the disturbance and no longer took any notice of it, but also transmitted this immunity to its offspring in their DNA.

In contrast, the NoRat Industrial has been developed bearing this in mind, leaving the animal no chance of gaining immunity to the discomfort generated by the ultrasound emission.

How to use NoRat Industrial devices and their coverage efficiency. 

When treating a location with ultrasound, we must remember that our aim is to make it unpleasant and hostile for rats and mice in order to break up the biological cycle that makes it a place where these species are happy to live and breed.
Priority must therefore be given to all the openings such as doors and windows through which new animals may enter the building: an emitter device will therefore be installed for each of them (recommended), pointing towards the opening at a right angle – although the NoRat Industrial (e.g. Mouse series) is able to cover an area of 60 m2 by saturation (with the room empty). It is also important to protect the perimeter of the building, so there are no corners or zones without coverage.

The working emission power is effective within a range of about 10 linear metres (NoRat Industrial - Mouse)* and 20 linear metres (NoRat Industrial - Plus or Pro/WP): for example, for a wall 20 metres long 2 or 1 units will have to be installed. It must be remembered that ultrasound saturates the room by bouncing off surfaces but does not pass through walls, so an adjoining room separated by walls or doors will not be protected, meaning that another Unit will have to be installed. Care must be taken to prevent shadow zones within the room for treatment; it may therefore be advisable to install an extra device to cover corners or blocks.


Norat Industrial to comply (with more efficient and modern methodologies) obligations arising from risk for food hygiene ( HACCP ) introduces the next generation of chasis mice and cockroaches.


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